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in seas of souls

sarah marie
8 November 1987
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i am an extremely private person and this is my extremely private journal. i talk about things here i don't talk about anywhere else. without this, they wouldn't be talked about - other than this, i close myself up.
accomplishment, actors not whores, adoption, adorable things, adult swim, alice in wonderland, allen ginsberg, alternate realities, ancient civilizations, animals, anthropology, arcade fire, astrology, astronomy, awareness, ayahuasca, beads, being happy, big cups of tea, blunts, bob dylan, bob marley, body painting, bright eyes, buddhism, camping, chai, chaos theory, charles bukowski, classic cars, collar bones, colors of other worlds, conan o'brien, counterculture, cuddling with boyfriend, dadaism, dancing, dmt, do it yourself, documentaries, dreams, egypt, embroidery, emotional growth, empowerment, entheogens, euphoria, evolution, fashion photography, fearless living, feeling better, festivals, flea markets, fractal art, fractals, garage sales, george carlin, getting mail, giving, good times, goodwill, hippies, incense, incubus, indigenous people, inner beauty, jack johnson, jack kerouac, jazz, jimi hendrix, john from cincinnati, jones soda, journeying, kitty love, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, learning new skills, led zeppelin, life as art, mailing things, missing my childhood, modest mouse, mushrooms, my sister, nature, neutral milk hotel, new experiences, painting, palm trees, pawn shop, peyote, philosophy, pink floyd, placebo, poetry that makes sense, polaroids, practice, pregnancy, psilocybin, quitting jobs immediately, radiohead, rainbow family, red hot chilli peppers, red wine, reggae, revolution, rituals, rockabilly, sacred geometry, scarlet begonias, self care, self expression, self love, self-editing, self-employment, sensuality, shakedown street, shamanism, siddhartha, snoop doggy dog, soma, soul, streams of consciousness, sublime, successfully avoiding you, surrealism, tao te ching, terence mckenna, the beatles, the dynamic human spirit, the smell of books, timothy leary, waking life, watercolors, weird movies, william s. burroughs, writing, yes....whiskers on kittens...., yoga